Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Misquite by a Wash 16x20 SOLD

I went for a walk at dusk last nite, took my camera and was
struck by the light on this old misquite so i took a shot
and painted this one this afternoon. It also was the abstract
qualities of this view that attracted me.

Seascape 16x20 Workshop Demo

I did a workshope last Sunday and Monday . This is a seascape demo that i did for that
class. Each day of my workshops i do a demo and share my thinking with the class as i
paint. In the afternoons the students paint and i walk around and offer advise and assistance
as they progress.

Richard 16x20 -Sold

This is a portrait demo that i did last Saturday for a show at the Karin Newby Gallery during the opening reception. The gallery was so crowded and people kept standing in front of the model and the noise level
was very high so it was quite a challenge . I achieved a likeness of the model and he bought the painting.
There was a great turnout and i sold 3 paintings.