Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been commissioned to do a mural in an archway on the outside of a large
recreation center. They wanted the Santa Rita Mountains with Elephant Head Mountain
in the background and a desert scene with DeAnza and his horsemen riding towards
the viewer. The actual size is about 5' wide by 7 or 8" high.
here is the design that was approved. There will be more detail in the mural
since its alot bigger,the design panel is 16x20.


Susan said...

David, what a wonderful and gigantic project! Your design is just great - I love the diagonal lead in and the warm foreground contrasts so beautifully with the cool distance. I can't wait to see the large piece!

d.simons said...

Thank you Susan ill take a shot of this mural when its done,hope your painting up a storm